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Riding your bike to work, on the surface, seems fairly straightforward. But like most innocuous activities, doing it well takes some planning and foresight. I have been an all-season commuter for years and have learned many things during that time. The following is a list of tips that have made commuting for me both pleasurable and drama free:

bullet Keep it simple and easy. The easier you make it the more likely you are to grab the bike in the morning instead of the car keys.

bullet Ride a bike appropriate for the conditions. Heavy duty tires (min. 32C) and fenders are essential.

bullet Prepare the night before. Pack your bike and lay out your clothes before you go to bed. It will make the morning stress free and help you commit to riding.

bullet Start easy. Begin by commuting one day/week and work yourself up to riding more often.

bullet Use quality, waterproof bike bags. I use a pair of medium sized rear panniers that give me enough room to carry a lunch, change of clothes, laptop and all other essential bike gear. Also check out the briefcases that attach to a rack and messenger style bags.

bullet Keep a full change of clothes at work. Even if you carry your clothes each day have a backup set at work.

bullet Keep your bike well maintained. It’s not that hard or expensive.

bullet Learn how to ride safely. Most people think that they already know how but safe riding is an art. See my safety article for more information.

bullet When you’re making the ride/drive decision for the day remember how great you feel after having ridden to work.

bullet Always be prepared for the unforeseen. Carry rain gear, lights and appropriate tools regardless of the weather or your anticipated return time. Plans do change.

bullet Don’t make it a race. Try to relax, take it easy and have fun.